Sunday, January 26, 2014

A fine night out

"Man a i went 2 ice nite club n man i was disrespectful n i knw that bt she call me a bitch first n got n2 it wit ppl bt shit i didnt think i was wrong n what i had 2 do when i woke up this morning clean up like i said wtf man fuck it whatever"

 This one is actually fairly easy to translate. It really comes down to a man deciding to go out for an evening of drinks, debauchery and fun but the whole thing went awry when a hateful wench decided to throw some salt in his game. This of course led to a verbal confrontation between the two which then turned in to a physical confrontation between him and another gentleman at the establishment. After taking some time to sleep off his hangover, think and get himself cleaned up he has moved on and now wants to have a productive day.

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