Sunday, January 26, 2014


"Alright so I see alot of you bitches& niggas are confused about how this thirsty shit is supposed to work, so let me help y'all. If he or she is constantly liking& commenting on every picture you post,or steady hitting you up in yo inbox even though you ain't responding,THATS THIRSTY,but if he/she like a pic here& there,comment every blue moon, & hit ya inbox with a hey,hello, how you doing, or complimenting you on yo attributes, THATS JUST SOMEBODY TRYNA BE POLITE& LET YOU NO THAT THEY ACKNOWLEDGE YOU. So take the compliment,say thank you& be thankful,kuz alot of y'all couldn't get a head nod a couple years ago, let alone a kind gesture, so appreciate the attention & thank God you getting it"

Our observer posits that plenty of folk, male and female, are confused about the proper designation of the term "thirsty" to an individual. He astutely contrasts the activities by which his target audience mistakenly conflates. To those who take it upon themselves to "like" each post that their unresponsive beloved posts and unwaveringly fill inboxes, our observer counts them among the thirsty. If, however, such a person occasionally does the aforementioned activities, then that person is not to be counted among those of thirst. Our observer capitalizes an entire sentence to put greater emphasis on the possibility that perhaps this person is just being polite; following this, he insists that the receiving party of such potential politeness give thanks and be thankful, for suggestion that plenty of those receiving previously were not receiving such favor.

Ok. Simply put. Not everyone that compliments you is trying to bed you. Learn to distinguish and appreciate a fair gesture of politeness.

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