Sunday, January 26, 2014

No to the Ragged

"I do not waist time on no raggedy ass bitch. If u tryin to fight or see me im not about to meet up with u or catch a case behind no bitch. Just run up if u c me and u think u fukin bad. Im not about to play FB banging, text bangin none of that bullshit. U wanta c me then u make the move cus after u put your hands on me I have the ok to beat the breaks off yo ass bitch! Im smart never a dummy and I do not waist my energy or time on hoe trifflin bitches!!"

 Translation: I do not waste time on raggedy ass people. If you're trying to have an altercation with me, in which we co-initiate such an altercation, you're mistaken since I am not trying to get in trouble in the law on your account. Just try to come up to me if you do in fact see me, provided that you feel confident; I shall not endeavor to deal with facebook or text-based harassment. I want you to make the move so that I can legally rough you up. I'm intelligent and choose to be efficient when dealing with uncouth people.

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